These videos are built as you listen...

I wanted make a visual companion to Gravy Days that took the spontaneity and the live nature of the record and shot it through the ever changing lens of contemporary pop culture.

In real time, the visuals are triggered by lyrical content of the songs. They are pulled through the same database as when you search for gifs on your smart phone's keyboard. Technically you're seeing these songs as interpreted by publicly available art. Over time, as zeitgeist shifts and trending content changes, the videos will evolve. So check back every week or so and see what's different.

Select a song or just play ‘em all. Cast 'em to a big screen, smoke a joint with some friends and enjoy.

**the player runs best on Chrome or Safari with a strong wifi connection. It's great on mobile (just don't use the instagram browser dude), but shines on a nice big full screen browser window.